Law student tackles real-life challenges

At University the tasks given to law students can often seem contrived, and the choices you make  rarely have consequences for anyone other than the students themselves.

That is not the case in the real world.

Christian Meyer Pedersen has a student job at the insurance broker company, Hansson & Partners. He often runs into exciting and unusual challenges.

- “It can seem scary when a customer calls in and is angry that his insurance does not cover all the damage that has been done to his house. Especially when he begins to speak in legal terms and accuses me of having made a mistake,” says Christian Meyer Pedersen.

- “But then, when you go over the case carefully and realize that you have done everything totally correctly and by the book, it gives you confidence. I would never have gotten this experience from a normal academic assignment”.

The students are inspiring

Within a few years, Hansson & Partners have become one of the country's leading insurance brokerage companies, today working with a large part of Danish business and industry.

But even a growing business may need new forces once in a while.

The company is extremely pleased with the student, says Klaus Hansson, CEO and Partner of Hansson & Partners.

- “After all, none of us are exactly spring chickens in this company. So, for one thing, it is a huge advantage to involve a different age group to give us some new input. I mean, simply the way Christian works on an electronic level is something we can transfer to the rest of the company,” he says.


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