An opportunity presents itself

Karina Faber holds an MA in Danish and Classical Studies from SDU, with a minor in International Business Communication.

She was the only academic employed by the company, Elkær Machines.

- “I knew the company in advance, but it was still important to me and my boss Henning Elkær that, prior to my employment, to have a serious discussion about what tasks I would be tackling in the company, and what our expectations of each other were,” says Karina Faber.

Hugely varied tasks

 Karina Faber’s main task has been to focus on communications in the company, but also to create better administrative structure in the company.

This means that her tasks are very varied, ranging from drafting press releases and ads, and developing a new visual identity and trade fair concept to  introducing new systems.

She also has contact with customers by attending trade fairs both in Denmark and abroad.

- “The good thing about being in a small company is that you can try your hand at a lot of different tasks – even tasks where you think you can’t cope. It has been a real learning-by-doing process,” she says.

Academic creates growth within the company

Henning Elkær, owner of Elkær Machines, is very satisfied with his academic.

- “We didn’t actually expect to notice any major difference by hiring an academic, but we have experienced growth, both in terms of export and of revenue in the year that Karina has been working here.  I have also been able to spend time on things I am passionate about, such as product development, without having to think about administrative tasks,” he says.

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