Internships and projects

An internship is your opportunity to put all that textbook theory to the test.

A period in a company provides you with new inspiration and a new network – and it is good to be able to write on your CV that you have completed an internship.

It puts you in a good position after completing your studies, when you have to write your first job applications.

A fresh vision contributes new ideas

Companies are happy to take on interns, who come with a fresh vision and new ideas for how to tackle tasks.

That is why many companies are also interested in project courses with students.

You can also put theory to the test in practice, either in an internship or a project course in the context of a major project.

Internship or project course

The University must approve an internship. It usually lasts for two to six months, starting in September or February and is usually unpaid.

There can be a big difference in the length and duration of an internship, so ask your academic department or contact us.

The University must approve a project course. It usually involves an undergraduate project or a dissertation and also lasts between two and six months.

Read about Casper who took an internship at Fredericia Kommune.

Read about Anja who took an internship at Koldinghus.

Contact us for more information

Would you like to know more about the possibility of an internship or project course? Call SDU RIO at (+45) 6550 2022 or email us.

Here you will find the student agreement for the projectoriented internship.

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