The University’s innovation/entrepreneur environment in Odense is called the SDU Cortex Lab.

This is the place to get advice if you would like to start your own company or if you are keen to hear more about the possibilities.

It is also the place to discuss your ideas to find out whether they are plausible - or if you are looking for a business partner.

A project with a company

There is also the option of taking part in a more project-oriented entrepreneurial course and collaborations with companies.

Entrepreneurs at the SDU Cortex Lab have meeting rooms and office spaces at their disposal.

There is also access to prototype facilities such as the 3D printer, the large format printer and the vinyl cutter.

Contact us if you have any questions

Interested in learning more about the opportunities at the SDU Cortex Lab? Contact us by email or call + 45 6550 4772.

SDU Cortex Lab

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