Examination - regulations and good advice

Regulations and responsibilities
It is your responsibility to keep abreast with examination regulations, including registration and withdrawal. You need to be aware of the current regulations and the university's requirements for academic papers.
The information about examination provided by the university describes how examinations are conducted, and what you, as a student, must do before, during and after an exam. Click the link to read the general examination regulations at the University of Southern Denmark.

General and specific regulations
You are advised to read the general regulations first, and then acquaint yourself with the specific regulations and procedures that apply to your study programme. Of particular interest may be submission deadlines, use of PC and other aids, and of course the specific academic requirements for each exam. The specific regulations can be found in your curriculum or on your study programme's website. Your student counsellor can answer questions about this.

Good advice on examination and academic writing
Being a student is also something you need to learn, and most of us were not born with brilliant study techniques or nerves of steel. A part of being a good student comes with experience, but it may also be a good idea to search for inspiration in order to improve your study habits and the way you handle the pressure of taking exams and writing assignments. On these pages, the university has compiled some advice on, among other things study technique, exam situations and academic papers. The pages contain further links of relevance and interest. See the menu on the left.

Cheating in Exams

If you cheat in exams - you're cheating yourself. Don't do it.

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