The advisory board for the Economics and Business Administration programmes

The Faculty of Business and Social Sciences at the University of Southern Denmark has a number of advisory boards, including the advisory board for the fulltime Economics and Business Administration programmes. The advisory board is jointly run by the heads of studies of the Economics and Business Administration programmes, but under the responsibility of the head of studies who coordinates across the departments.

The Economics and Business Administration advisory board has several purposes. Among other things, we want to use this board to:

  • maintain a close dialogue with companies that – in the broadest sense – are employers or potential employers of our Economics and Business Administration graduates
  • maintain contact with companies located in areas where SDU’s campuses offer Economics and Business Administration programmes
  • ensure that our graduates have a level of knowledge and skill that meets the needs of the companies and the market
  • have a forum that can provide advice on – and where the members themselves can influence – the development of the BSc and MSc programmes in Economics and Business Administration and the MSc programme in Business Economics and Auditing
  • have a broad contact with companies. We strive to have small, medium-sized and large companies represented on the advisory board
  • give the companies opportunities to form networks

The panel’s composition and duration, and appointment of members:

  • The panel consists of 30–35 members (about six from each city). There may be a few more members from the Fyn region, as the Campus Odense has a slightly larger student body than the other campuses.
  • Alumni may be included, but this is not a requirement for appointment.
  • Panel members should – in a broad sense – be employers or potential employers of Economics and Business Administration graduates from SDU.
  • The aim is to include panellists from both SMEs and large companies
  • The panellists must be employed in companies based in the local area of SDU’s campuses.
  • If possible, there should be a gender balance among the panel members.
  • The panellists should also preferably be of varying ages.
  • The panel members are appointed for two-year periods with the possibility of reappointment.
  • The recruitment basis emphasises that members should have influence on the development of the Economics and Business Administration programmes and be given opportunities to form networks.
  • Members are appointed by the local boards of studies for the Economics and Business Administration programmes.


Meeting structure and expected time commitment:

  • At least one joint meeting must be held per year. As a rule, this meeting is held at the end of August or beginning of September.
  • Local meetings can be held as needed.
  • Panel members may, to a moderate degree, be asked to read relevant material sent out prior to the meetings.
  • The joint meetings are held in Kolding or Odense and, as a rule, late in the afternoon Mondays to Thursdays.


Communication between employer panel and SDU:

  • Communication between the panellists and staff at SDU takes place mainly via email.
  • Meetings are convened at least 14 days in advance.
  • Panellists must respond to the meeting invitation within a specified period of time, stating whether they can attend.
  • The form of communication during the meetings themselves will alternate between dialogue, workshops and presentations.
  • After the meetings, a meeting memo is prepared and emailed to the members.


Meeting agendas:

  • The agendas of the meetings are set out by the Heads of Studies in advance
  • Prior to each meeting, the panellists are invited to submit requests for the agenda (e.g. in the form of a questionnaire)


Communicating the results of the employer panel meetings:

  • Information about the employer panel and its work will be posted on the pages for current and future students on The aim is to show current and future students and companies that major development initiatives in SDU’s Economics and Business Administration education environment are being discussed with potential employers

The current period for appointing members is 1 September 2013 – 1 September 2015



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