Rules of secondary employment

As an employed researcher or guest researcher you have to apply for a permission to secondary employment if you have to do secondary employment that has a natural connection with the main reason for your residence and work permit. Please be advised that you are not allowed to be an external censor, make guest lectures etc. without this permission for secondary employment. So please read the guidelines below about how you apply for a permission for secondary employment as a researcher/guest researcher.

Cooperation with the outside world, including both public and private organizations, is promoted by University of Southern Denmark (SDU), so researchers and guest researchers are permitted to take up applicable secondary employment outside of SDU.

Researchers/guest researchers at SDU are permitted to take up secondary employment in addition to their employment at SDU as far as the secondary employment is consistent with the duties required of the employee in the employee’s main job at SDU.
These guidelines are not intended to restrict access to secondary employment, but SDU emphasizes that secondary employment should not harm SDU’s reputation as an independent research institution or staff competence and credibility.

General basic legal principles on secondary employment
All employees are covered by the general basic principles contained in Danish law, which means that also researchers and guest researchers are permitted to take up secondary employment as long as it does not affect their work at SDU or the credibility of SDU’s research, courses and communication in general.
Researchers/guest researchers employed in scientific posts at associate professor level or above, as well as the rectorate, deans, heads of faculty secretariat, heads of department, directors, deputy directors and area managers are further covered by special SDU rules relating to secondary employment.
PhD-fellows may engage in other paid work, provided that it is compatible with the demands of their studies and within the limits determined by the employer. Each faculty may have its own rules covering secondary employment.
If you are in doubt about whether or not your secondary job requires a new residence and work permit specifically for that job, please contact International Staff Office at or Luna Kyung Keller Larsen at to get the question sorted out.

You have to submit the following documentation to support your case:

  • A filled out AR1 application: SDU (International Staff Office) has to fill out part 2 of the AR1 application (residence and work permit used for e.g. guest researchers and salaried work), and afterwards you have to fill out part 1 of the application.
  • Your employment contract or a specific job offer which may not be more than 30 days old.
  • Other types of documentation that you think could be relevant to support your case.

Your secondary employment has to have a natural connection with the main reason for your residence and work permit.
Also you have to get an acceptance letter from the Department, you are visiting at SDU, before you apply for a new work permit, as it is up to the Department to decide, if you are allowed to work besides your work at the Department.
A permit for sideline employment is normally granted with a view to sideline employment of up to 8-15 hours per week and total employment of up to 45 hours per week.
Please note that full-time employment is not a requirement for researchers.
You do not have to pay anything for your application for your secondary employment, because your application will only be for a work permit that allows you to work in your secondary employment.
If you have any questions about the application process, please do not hesitate to contact Luna Kyung Keller Larsen, International Staff Office (ISO) at or

How to apply
After SDU has filled out part 2 of the AR1 application form, please follow these guidelines:

  1. You need to fill in part 1 of AR1 form in Word, sign the form and scan it and return it to Luna at: or to International Staff Office’s mailbox: asap together with the required documentation mentioned at page no. 1 in the bottom of the page.
    In the comment field (section 11) please write that you currently are a (fulltime) researcher/guest researcher at (name of the Department you are employed at or visiting at SDU), and that this application concerns your secondary employment “bibeskæftigelse” in Danish starting (exact date).
  2. Remember that you have to attach all the required documentation from both your part and SDU’s part.
  3. Afterwards you send in the whole application form filled in by SDU and you by email to the Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI).
  4. You do not need to have biometric features taken for a secondary employment permit.
  5. Please let Luna or International Staff Office know, when you have filled out and submitted your part of the application form, and when you get your decision from the Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI).

If you have any questions about the application process, please do not hesitate to contact Luna at or

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