Preparing for departure

Some months prior to the end of your employment at the University of Southern Denmark, you are expected to start preparing for your departure. If you are employed on a time-limited contract, your last day of employment will be stated in your letter of employment. If you wish to terminate your employment prematurely, please inform the head of your department as well as the personnel department.

Housing lease agreement
Pay careful attention to your housing lease contract. It will state the period of notice for terminating your lease contract. You should inform your landlord in writing according to the terms stated in your lease contract. You will probably have paid a deposit when moving into the house or apartment. Leave the house or apartment in the same condition as when you moved in. If not, your landlord might not refund your full deposit.

You (perhaps together with your landlord) should notify your electricity company that you are leaving and provide them with exact meter readings. Usually, you pay for the estimated consumption of electricity in advance, and the balance will then be settled later. If heating is not included in the monthly rent you pay to your landlord, this balance should also be settled with your heating company.

Work and residence permit
On arriving in Denmark, you received a residence and work permit. This was based on your period of employment, and will automatically be terminated with no further notice on the date of expiration or the day you leave Denmark with no intention of returning.

Deregister from the national registration office
You must notify the national registration office of your departure. If you live in Odense you can contact International Citizen Service, otherwise contact your local municipality or use the online self service on the link above. Notify the office of your current address, your future address and date of moving.
You must also hand in your yellow health card at your local citizen service center (Borgerservice) or the International Citizen Service Center if you live in Odense, as it only applies to people living in Denmark.Also you should ask for a certificate stating the periods of social security coverage in Denmark.

Child care and school
If your child is enrolled in a kindergarten or school, you should submit a written notification according to the terms concerning this institution.

If your pension contribution has been paid into a pension fund during your employment here and you leave Denmark before retiring, your accumulated pension amount will be payable one year after your last payment, and will be taxed at a rate of 60%. However, if you do not claim your pension until you have reached retirement age, the pension amount will be subject to normal taxation according to Danish tax legislation at that time. Contact the pension fund before your departure to arrange what you want to do regarding your pension savings.
If you have received your pension contribution as salary during your employment in Denmark you don’t have to do any further.

Earned holidays
When you are no longer registered in the Civil Registration System (CPR), no longer work for a Danish employer and do not receive public benefits from Denmark, you can have all your holiday pay disbursed, even if you do not take holiday.

You must apply to have your holiday pay disbursed within 6 months of your last day of work for your Danish employer at the latest.

You can apply to have your holiday pay paid out online here.

If you make sure to fill out your preliminary tax assessment (Forskudsopgørelse) before departure there is no need to contact Skat before you leave Denmark. When you deregister from the national registration office and inform them of your new foreign address, Skat will get this information automatically.
Your taxes will be settled as usual once a year during the spring and if you are entitled to a tax refund, the money will be paid into your Nemkonto.

Bank account
Please remember to keep your Nemkonto open for a couple of months after your contract has ended to be able to receive any holiday money or tax refunds etc.

Check lists

To be terminated
Housing lease contract
Water supply contract
Gas and electricity supply contract
Phone subscription
Child care and school
Bank account
Newspaper subscriptions
Club memberships

To be settled/ decide what to do
Pension savings
Earned holiday
Unemployment fund

To be returned to the University of Southern Denmark
University ID card
Other items belonging to the university
Leave your new address with the personnel department or the salary office

Holiday allowance

How to claim your holiday allowance when leaving Denmark

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