Career Host in Odense

It is a good idea to sign up for a career host/mentor, which is provided through Odense Host program. They will match you with a Danish person, who has a similar educational/professional background as yourself. Therefore your mentor is able to advise you on different aspects of applying for a job within your working field etc. To know more about the program visit their website. In order to join Odense Host Program, you need to:

  • be new to Denmark or have been in Denmark for less than three years
  • reside in Odense or work for/be associated with a company based in Odense
  • plan to stay in Denmark for a year or more without longer periods of travelling from the date you sign up for the program
  • speak either English or Danish

The career host is a good way to find a professional network that increases your changes for finding a job in Denmark. We experience that the spouses, who have joined this program have found it very helpful.

We have got a testimonial from participants in the career host program:

  • What did you obtain from joining the host program?
    • By joining the host program I got a good support for entering into the Danish job market. Since the career host program matches us with a host who is closest to our career aspiration, it makes it easier to understand different norms and systems related to the field. The host program has matched me with a mentor who is closest to my experience and expectation. This has helped me understand more about the Danish job market in the field I am interested in.
  • Has your participation helped you to enter the Danish job market?
    • This program has helped me understand the different approaches one can apply to get a job, which is very difficult to understand as someone who hasn't yet entered the job market. Similarly, a mentor's guidance while preparing the CV and application is equally significant.
  • Would you recommend the host program to others and why?
    • I definitely recommend the career host program to others because it is a necessary program for non-Danish people trying to find a job and/or trying to understand the Danish labor market.

- Spouse: Shristi

Please stay tuned for more testimonials from spouses.

In order to participate in the host program, you need to send an e-mail to:

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