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Access to many Danish newspapers in electronic form as well as various journals and fact databases in full text. 
Online access - only via SDU's net and remote access.

Registrant over danske avisartikler  (1884-1929)
(Hejmdal 1896-1923, Socialisten 1871-1874, Social-Demokraten 1874-1929, Politiken 1884-1924 and Berlingske Tidende 1864-1918
Nat.bibl: Microfiche table at Campus, Odense.
Reviews are called Rc2;including reviews by author surname.

 Avis Kronik Indeks
Contains separate indexes for book reviews, theatre reviews, film reviews as well as some concerts and art exhibitions.
Nationalbibliografi:  Aa-da.045 AVI at Campus, Odense.

Dansk Anmeldelsesindeks (1979-1990)
Nationalbibliografi: Microfiche table at Campus, Odense.

Anmeldelser i pædagogiske tidsskrifter (1973-87)
Magasin. Kælder : Aa-da.04 ANM at Campus, Odense.

Kultur og klasse, in the issue:   1986:13:52:s.102-104.

See Danish reference books / bibliographies:
Informationssal nordisk Aagdaz at Campus, Odense.


IBR - International Bibliography of Book Reviews
Type: Bibliografi
Book reviews are an important element in the academic discussions. They are a tool for quality measurement with respect to amount of publications published annually and give an indication about the importance of a published work.
IBR contains over 1,086,940 entries about book reviews from the years 1985ff. The database is international and interdisciplinary, the reviews have been published in approx. 6.604 academic journals mainly in the Humanities and Social Sciences.
IBR is updated on a monthly basis, the annual addition to the database is approx. 50.000 entries.

Book Review Index (420 journals) (1969-)
Bibliogafisal Aa.04. Also searchable via Dialog file 137 for staff

Book Review Digest (Indexes 75 US and UK periodicals. 
Access to Book Review Digest Plus via the Internet only from the University of Southern Denmark. Book Review Digest contains more than 550.000 references to reviews from 1983 up to the present. The database covers literature in the English language in all subject areas. More than 7000 books are reviewed each year selected from 117 sources..The database also has references to biographic articles.
Informationssal Aa.04. at Campus, Odense.

AHCI - Arts & Humanities Citation Index  (1945-)
via the Web of science
Internet access - only from SDU's net or via remote access.

SSCI  - Social Sciences Citation Index 
via the Web of Science
Internet access - only from SDU's net or via remote access.

Web of science   
Internet access - only from SDU's net or via remote access.

Ebsco online
Access to more than 3000 journals - many of which are in full text.
Internet access - only from SDU's net or via remote access. 

Online news database with material from over 31.000 sources

TIMES literary supplement Index (including reviews)  (1902-)
Magasin. Kælder:  Aa-e.045 at Campus, Odense.

New York Times Index
see also New York Times Book Review on microfilm (1851-)
Magasin. Kælder:  at Campus, Odense. + from 1980 online in LexisNexis

IBZ abt.C Rezensionen (1900-1943) (6000 journals) Only German books from the years 1900-1911
Magasin. Kælder:  Aa.04 at Campus, Odense.

IBR - International Bibliography of Book Reviews (1971- (Printed) 1985-(On-Line))
Contains ca. 880.000 references to book reviews from 1985 up to the present. It is an international databáse and covers all subject areas. The reviews are published in ca. 6.000 scholarly journals mainly within the humanities and social sciences.
Magasin. Kælder:  Aa.04 at Campus, Odense. Search  via author names (Index autorum)

Combined Retrospective Index to Book Reviews in Scholarly Journals (1886-1974)
- Indexes 459 scholarly journals in history, political, science, and sociology.
Magasin. Kælder: Aa.04 at Campus, Odense.

Humanities Index (1974-)-
(American) Includes reviews of books, plays, television, radio, films, etc.
Magasin. Kælder:  Aa.04 at Campus, Odense.

An index to book reviews in the humanities (1961-1990)
Magasin. Kælder: Aa.04 at Campus, Odense.

Booklist online  (1996-)
(printed edition back to 1969 i nNationalbibliografi).  Contains short mentions.
Internet access.

Combined Retrospective Index to Book Reviews in Humanities Journals (1802-1974)
Informationssal Aa.04 -behind the information desk
Science fiction book review index (1923-1973)
There are two large indexes: 50-year index (1923-1973).
6-year index (1974-1979).
Shelfmark: Magasin. Kælder: Aage.0978  at Campus, Odense.

(Science fiction reviews on the Net - large selection of links)


Svenska Tidningsartiklar (1966-)
Nat.bibl: Aa-c.045 SVE  at Campus, Odense. Reviews last.

Libris Artikelsøk (1993- (a few older)
- Swedish article database
Internet access

Bokrevy (1970-90)
- short mentions and reviews
Magasin. Kælder:  Aa-c.04 BOK  at Campus, Odense.


Norart  (1980-)
- Norwegian journal articles
Internet access. 

Avismeldingar om norsk litteratur (1951-1965)
Magasin. Kælder:  nordisk Aagdb.55  at Campus, Odense.

Anmeldelser av norske forfattere i dagspressen (1957-1966)
Magasin. Kælder:  nordisk Aagdb.55  at Campus, Odense.


IBZ (1900-)
- schorlarly literature
Magasin. Kælder:  Aa.04 at Campus, Odense.

Buchrezensionen (1974-)
- general
Magasin. Kælder:  Aa-fa.045  at campus, Odense.

Der Spiegel Register (1980-)
Magasin. Kælder:  Aa-fa.045  at campus, Odense.


Literary Reviews in British periodicals (1789-1829)
Magasin. Kælder: Aa-e at Campus, Odense.


Le Monde (1995-)
Visit Le Monde's website here.

Bulletin critique du livre Francais (1966-)
- short mentions and reviews
Magasin. Kælder: Aa-j.04 at Campus, Odense.

Le Nouvel observateur


Le Point


Canadian Review of Comparative Literature/Revue Canadienne de Littérature comparée 

1993:20:600ff has a 20-year index (1974-1993) of the journal's reviews of works on literature studies.
Shelfmark: hum.-samf.tss at campus, Odense.

Livres et auteurs quebecois (1973-83)
Magasin. Kælder: . Aa-qbf.01 LIV at Campus, Odense.

Canadian book review annual (1975-80)
Magasin. Kælder:  Aa-qb.04 at Campus, Odense. 

NB: It is important that you give the full title of the journal when you make a request for a review - not just the abbreviation that is usually given. The full title can usually be found at the front of a review index.

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