Why choose us


With international degree programmes across five faculties, the University of Southern Denmark offers many study possibilities. Bachelor programmes involve three years of undergraduate study, while master programme involve two years of graduate study. If you want to study abroad only as part of your degree, you can be an exchange or guest student for a semester or an academic year. Exchange and guest students can choose courses from all international degree programmes and additional English-taught courses.   

Work together

Group work is a component of many study programmes andvaluable training for the workplace. By improving your communication in multicultural and multidisciplinary settings, you will develop key skills for your future career. You are encouraged to think independently. Class sizes are normally small. This enables you to participate with ideas and discuss issues with your teachers and fellow students.

Equip yourself

You have high-tech facilities and the University’s international network of businesses, institutions and researchers at your disposal. Whether you want to gain work experience or conduct research, the University can help you get in touch with the right people.

Get accredited

Course workload is measured according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS ), which ensures your education is more easily recognised across Europe. One semester equals 30 ECTS credits. Master courses often count as 10-15 ECTS credits, i.e. a third to a half of one semester.

Explore Europe

You can explore while studying in Denmark, a modern country steeped in tradition. The country has a vibrant city life and cultural scene. And as Scandinavia’s gateway to Europe, Denmark is close to historical cities such as Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Oslo and Paris.  

Enjoy support

You will have many questions before and after arriving at the University. You can seek advice and support from the International Office, which has eleven permanent staff members. Before you arrive, staff can help with issues such as the application process, language requirements and the cost of living in Denmark. After you arrive, staff ensure you access the right information and find your way around.

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