International Brainstormers

Become an International Brainstormer - pave your way to a career in Denmark!

Do you want to stay in Denmark after your studies end? Are you looking to increase your employability, meet other internationals with the same goals and foster connections with Danish companies? Do you want to know more about jobhunting in Denmark and the dos and don’ts within the Danish labor market?

International Brainstormers offers courses and workshops in all of the above and much more! International Brainstormers is a program, sponsored by SDU, tailored for International Students who wants to get in on the Danish job market. The program offers a wide array of courses about Danish culture and work market, events at which you get to train your team work skills, problem solving abilities and how to market yourself to a potential employer, apart from all that, you also get to be a part of a group of highly motivated, skilled and talented internationals, all from diverse cultures and educational backgrounds, who are as eager to connect and dive into Danish work culture as you are. 

A total number of 160 students have engaged in International Brainstormers 1.0 from 2013-2015, divided into 3 groups. Of the first group 68% were working in Denmark a year after their studies with the National average after three years being 44%. 

In February 2016 International Brainstormers 2.0 started up with 30 students for the fourth group of International Brainstormers. 

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Deadline for application ultimo January

The specific deadline for applications will be announced on this page. Application should contain motivational letter and CV.

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