Master of Science in Physiotherapy (MSPT)

  • This Programme is offered in Odense

Are you a physiotherapist and do you want to gain more knowledge about the physiotherapeutic practice and achieve a Master’s degree within this field? Or are you responsible for a Master’s thesis within the field of physiotherapy, but feel that you lack the right competences to assure the quality of your practice and procedures so that you will be able to complete projects and perform the best way possible through the newest research-based knowledge?

Expand your competences as a physiotherapist

The Master of Physiotherapy is the programme you apply for yourself or where you expand your colleagues’ competences. The programme is specifically directed at physiotherapists, who want to evidence-base, quality-develop, and evaluate physiotherapeutic practice.

Make a difference – help secure the quality of physiotherapeutic practice

To be able to use research results in practice the focus throughout the programme is on knowledge about scientific theories and methods – together with high clinical testing of methods, which will secure good quality in the practice of physiotherapy in the fields of treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention.

Through this programme you will also be able to perform in more specialised professions and participate in scientific development work. Furthermore, the programme will give you the qualifications to identify, formulate, and solve complex problems within the physiotherapy-relevant areas in public and private institutions and companies as well as independent practice. Finally, graduates from the Master of Physiotherapy, will be able to begin a Ph.D.- course within the physiotherapeutic area.

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