MSc in Social Sciences - European Studies


Europe is developing rapidly at present. The map of Europe has changed over the past twenty years. The main dividing line of the Cold War has been erased, and even though other conflicts have occurred and new nations have been created, resulting in new borders in Europe, Europe is characterised by its comprehensive transnational collaboration. This is taking place at many levels – nationally, regionally and locally – not least as regional cross-border co-operation.

The European Studies programme, with its special focus on regional development, gives you the opportunity to analyse and understand European developments, including those taking place in the regions of Europe and, in this way, to become qualified to take part in influencing the Europe of tomorrow by working with development-orientated projects in national and European private-sector and public-sector organizations.

The scope of the programme is international and is designed to students from all over Europe and the rest of the world. Classes are conducted in English and all teaching materials are in English.

The bachelor subjects are comprised to ensure that the student acquires theoretical comprehension, factual knowledge and analytical skills in four main areas: 1) regional structures and economics; 2) familiarity with business principles and economic trends; 3) communication and culture; and 4) politics, law and institutions. Students can pursue a “business line” or an “institutional line” in European Studies by choosing from relevant compulsory and elective subjects. The study programme also provides plenty of opportunities for studying abroad, either by studying for a semester at a foreign university or by taking part in an internship.

The master’s programme involves in-depth specialization within European themes. Two directions are offered:

  1. “Regions of Europe”, primarily offered in Sønderborg (English only). It focuses on issues that are conceptualised under the theme “The Europe of Regions”, specifically focusing on borders and border regions.
  2. European Studies” is offered by our educational partner the University of Flensburg.

The European Studies programme will be carried out in collaboration between the University of Southern Denmark and the University of Flensburg.

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