MSc in Economics - Health Care Management and Economics

This programme is offered in Odense and in English

Still more advanced and more expensive health solutions puts political decision-makers and health industry leaders under pressure. Therefore we see an increase in the demand for graduates with competences in the field of health economy following this development.

As an MSc in Economics – Health Care Managment and Economics you will be able to analyse policies and managerial issues with an emphasis on health care institutions. You will obtain competences that enable you to ask questions that are characteristic for the analysis of applications and policy in the health sector. Finally, you will achieve strong analytical skills in the field of applied economics in general.

The programme consists of a number of constituent and optional courses. The constituent courses ensures that you get a solid theoretical and methodological foundation, while you with the electives have the opportunity to pursue your areas of interest.

The teaching is mainly organised as lectures and lessons where you get practical assignements. In addition individual supervision will be given. The programme is concluded with your thesis.

The MSc in Economics – Health Care Management and Economics opens up for a career in both the private and public sector – nationally and internationally. You can expect to find employment within the public administration, ministries and national agencies, management consulting firms, international organizations, the pharmaceutical industry or the academic world.

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