MSc in Economics - Economics and Project Management

This programme is offered in Odense and in English 

As a MSc in Economics - Economics and Project Management you will develop your analytical skills and achieve a broad and thorough knowledge of quantitative and qualitative methodological tools which you need as a consultant or project manager. A special feature of the profile is that it is focused on the use of economic and econometric theory on practical issues – preferably in cooperation with partners outside the university.

The programme consists of a number of constituent and optional courses. The constituent courses ensures that you get a solid theoretical and methodological foundation, while you with the electives have the opportunity to pursue your areas of interest.

The teaching is mainly organised as lectures and lessons where you get practical assignements. In addition individual supervision will be given. The programme is concluded with your thesis.

As a MSc in Economics - Economics and Project Management you will be an asset for all companies and organizations who wish to base their decisions on the basis of sound economic analysis. You will be qualified for positions in multinational companies and consulting firms.

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