MSc in Economics and Business Administration - Management of People

This programme is offered in Odense and in English 

Personnel costs are significant and employees’ ability, skills, and motivation are critical for the firm’s ability to develop and implement value creating strategies. The programme Management of People focuses on theories and methods for effective human resource management. The programme provides knowledge about these theories and methods to develop structured and principled insights regarding effective strategic and operational human resource management.

The programme is particularly suitable for students who want to pursue a career in the field of human resource management. Through the programme, you will gain skills that are relevant for corporate staff functions, general or human resource management, and consulting. You will also develop theoretical and practical skills enhancing your ability to manage functions and projects in human resource management and you become able to think in principled ways about the key policies and choices of recruiting and retaining talent, and how to apply their skills in the design of policies and programmes.

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