MSc in Economics and Business Administration - Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management

This programme is offered in Odense  and in English

This programme combines strategic, tactical and operational aspects of supply chain management. The focus area is a combination of operations research (e.g. inventory control, production planning and forecasting under random and non-random demand), and supply chain management (e.g. coordination problems like the “bull-whip effect” in supply chains, the impact of variability on production design, factory physics and lean manufacturing and coordination of incentives in supply chains using contracts). Through courses in cost accounting and links in supply chain management, you will gain knowledge about control and incentive problems both in relation to the individual partner in the chain and the chain in total as well.

In general you will gain knowledge about and skills in using quantitative tools and models designed to analyse, plan and optimize core areas of a firm. Finally, you will learn about strategic issues in supply chain management and management accounting.

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