Campus Esbjerg

University of Southern Denmark offers a number of study programmes at Campus Esbjerg. These programmes are within social science, humanities, and health. The campus is workplace for approximately 130 employees. Around 900 students are enrolled at the campus. Among the students about 20% are foreign students either on an exchange programme or enrolled for a full programme. Next door to the University of Southern Denmark, Esbjerg Institute of Technology, a division of Aalborg University, is located. This university division also accommodates many students and researchers.

The student is central

At Campus Esbjerg we do our outmost for you, as a student, to be comfortable. There is a close relationship between each and every student and the staff. The researchers often have open office hours. And by this it quickly becomes natural to address your questions to the lecturers or administrative staff. Your contact with the lecturers can either be in connection to the lectures, in the lecturers’ office or by using e-mail.

At Campus Esbjerg we use e-learn in teaching. We typically upload material in our system (Black Board) before lectures. We also communicate and exchange files with the students using this platform.

Our library has a semester shelf, where you will find the literature for the course for inspection. In addition, the library offers access to many facilities via the internet.

We have nice and bright buildings and we have invested time and money in art, which makes the buildings even more comfortable. We have group/study rooms available, where students can work, either on their own or in teams. Usually one or more computers are available in the group rooms, but you can also bring your own laptop and connect it to the university’s wireless network. The university’s wireless network is available all over Campus.

Social interaction at Campus Esbjerg

You will find many opportunities to be part of the social community at campus. Beach Bar is the social meeting place, where on Fridays you can relax with your fellow students enjoying a refreshment. On weekdays our students meet across study programmes in the cafeteria which operates jointly with Aalborg University. The cafeteria offers hot and cold dishes together with sandwiches, bread, and fruit at reasonable and student friendly prices.

You also have the opportunity to do exercise and sports together with your fellow students in the sports association. The association organises for instance badminton appointments and one-time events like soccer matches on the Blue Water Arena or ice hockey. If you like to exercise your voice you can join the university choir which has members among staff and students from both University of Southern Denmark and Aalborg University. The two universities also jointly organises different events, like for instance a yearly sports day and a yearly gala.

De Studerendes Råd (DSR) (The Student Council, this page is in Danish only) is your voice on campus. The council deals with all matters of educational policy, and also has a tutoring scheme, and arranges various courses.

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