Clinical Biomechanics - the chiropractic programme (BA)

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Become an expert in musculo-skeletal disorders

Do you want to help human beings who suffer from pain and ailments in the musculoskeletal system? Do you like to disentangle complex pathological case histories, be challenged intellectually, be a part of a therapist team and carry out practical manual skills? Do you feel inclined towards a study programme that is both theoretical and practical? Then Clinical biomechanics (chiropractic) could be your new study programme!

Clinical biomechanics (chiropractic) is the sub-field of the health sciences relating biological, biomechanical and psychological knowledge to the disorders of human beings who suffer from pain and ailments in joints, muscles and bones. As a chiropractor, you are expected to be able to prevent, diagnose and treat muscular skeletal disorders and ailments with the use of the latest knowledge and technologies. This implies that becoming a chiropractor involves being prepared for lifelong learning.

This education gives you a versatile introduction in preventing, diagnosing, and treating injuries of the musculoskeletal system. This focus offers you a wide range of career options. You can get your own clinic and treat patients with health insurance. Also you can specialise in hospital service, become a scientist, teach and much more – for further information see the chapter about career options.

Theory and skill training

The study programme in Clinical biomechanics (chiropractic) provides you with the scientific foundation for your future chiropractic skills. You will enhance your skills in searching for new knowledge, you will develop a critical and analytical approach to new knowledge, and you will learn to use the knowledge in practice. You will also train and enhance skills, which will aid your professional development as a chiropractor.

The study programme requires that you have the ability to navigate in a large amount of knowledge originating from many different subject fields. The new knowledge you gain will be related to the day-to-day life as a chiropractor by way of skill labs and apprenticeships in clinics. In the skill labs you will be confronted with the practical skills, typically required of a chiropractor. Here you will learn to: 

- do different types of evidence-based manual therapy
- do an orthopaedic and neurological examination
- do training and exercise therapy
- give ergonomic counselling and advice

Kiropraktor uddannelse

Different practical training options

During this study you will gain real-time experience working at a hospital, an outpatient clinic for patients with back pain or at a practice of chiropractic. Here you will meet real patients, who you will learn to take in, diagnose, treat, and inform. 

Become a chiropractor

In order to become a chiropractor you must complete a study programme that consists of:

  • a 3 year bachelor programme
  • a 2 year graduate programme (following the BA programme)
  • a house year (following the graduate programme)

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