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The new Europe
Europe is facing a rapid development these days. Over the past twenty years, the map of Europe has changed. The main division constituted by the Cold War has disappeared. Although new conflicts have arisen and the formation of new nation-states has drawn new borders, today Europe is characterized by a comprehensive co-operation across the borders. It takes place at many levels, from national to regional and local, including cross-border regional co-operation.

With the new study programme in European Studies, which focuses upon regional development, you will have the opportunity of analyzing and understanding the developments in Europe – including the regions of Europe. Consequently, you will get qualifications to participate in the process of shaping Europe in the future through work in development projects run by private enterprises, government institutions, non-governmental organisations, and European institutions. Campus Sønderborg is suitably placed in a historically disputed border region to provide students with an authentic European regional perspective on development as well as an international atmosphere.

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