Highly-educated workforce

Need an extra pair of hands?
Does your company have extra tasks? Does your company have old problems that need a fresh pair of eyes? Do you have a half-filled drawer full of projects waiting to be completed? Would your company benefit from new knowledge and fresh theories? Employing a graduate or student from the University of Southern Denmark is the ideal solution.

You can read about the advantages of employing a graduate or student from the University of Southern Denmark in the menu on the left.

Other options
We regularly invite companies to career events, giving them the chance to meet University of Southern Denmark students. It provides a great chance to meet potential employees in an informal setting, while your company has the chance to present itself as an attractive employer.
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Your company also has the opportunity to become a business partner and gain direct access to more than 30,000 students.
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If your company already has a vacant position, you can quickly and easily create a profile and advertise the position online.

Other’s experiences
We have compiled a series of companies that we have matched with the appropriate graduate. You are welcome to contact them if you want to hear more about their particular experiences in collaborating with students.

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