SDU has a range of offers on hand for companies and public authorities who’d like to collaborate with the University. 

The offers are available in the form of SDU RIO, SDU's research environments, SDU Entrepreneurship Labs and TEK Innovation. 

Opportunities for companies and authorities

SDU RIO ensures that companies are well positioned in order to acquire new competences and new knowledge.  

With us companies can, among other things, be helped to obtain:

  • Collaboration with researchers, which can bring new knowledge into the company or authority
  •  Sparring, workshops and lectures aimed at raising levels of competence
  • A trainee, who comes with new ideas
  • Students, who, in collaboration with the company, resolve challenges with fresh eyes
  • A graduate who brings new competences into the company

If your company is in need of particular knowledge, the University has a number of researchers who are eager to work with companies.

We will gladly facilitate making contact with the researchers. Contact SDU RIO.

Gain new ideas and inspiration from the entrepreneurial environment

There are a number of small startups within the University’s innovation and entrepreneurial environment who are passionately working away at their ideas.

  • Collaborators among emerging companies
  • Sparring and knowledge exchange
  • Opportunities for hosting small and large events
  • Students and researchers to collaborate with on intrapreneurship and innovation projects

Interested to hear more? Contact SDU Entrepreneurship Labs.

Find technological competencies 

TEK Innovation builds bridges between companies and the University’s knowledge and technological competencies and with us companies can, among other things, obtain:

  • Collaboration with the University on research and development projects
  • A trainee, who, with their engineering background, contributes with technical knowledge
  • Collaboration with engineering students in connection with specialisations and graduation projects
  • Workshops or meetings with relevant researchers

Contact TEK Innovation.

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