SDU Cortex Lab 

The SDU Cortex Lab is the university's environment for innovation and entrepreneurship. Here a number of small start-ups work passionately on their ideas, and this is where businesses will also find the following, among other things:

- Partners for collaboration among budding businesses 
- Discussion, feedback and exchange of knowledge and understanding
- Opportunities to organise events, big or small

Contact Network Manager Sine Berg Schuwendt by email at or by calling 2058 5097 for more information about what the SDU Cortex Lab has to offer.

SDU Business

SDU Business promises businesses the very best opportunities to grow. Businesses will find that the university can offer them the following, among other things: 

- Interns who bring new visions to their businesses
- Graduates who bring new skills to their businesses
- Collaboration with researchers

Contact Head of SDU Business Helle Schroll by email at or by calling 6550 2043 for more information about what SDU Business has to offer. 

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