Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy

Welcome to the Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy (FKF). The department handles research in chemistry, physics, pharmacy and a multitude of areas across the sciences. It is also the home of several research centres. FKF is responsible for the degree courses in chemistry, physics, nanobioscience, medical chemistry and for pharmacy.

On this website you will be able to find relevant information regarding the department and its many activities in research, education, coorporation, and research dissemination.
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Frants Roager Lauritsen
Head of department


Colloquium on Physics outreach.

Professor Herbert Dreiner will visit the department this month and elaborate on his work with physics shows. One of theese can be seen at semester start this fall, where he and 20 co-actors will grant us insight in the complex world of particle physics. At the colloquium the 23rd of June at 13.00 in U55 he will talk about the thoughts and planning of the show, and there will be advise for outreach and demonstrations along the way.


Research Areas

The Department houses a number of research groups with a wide international team of scientists.

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