Markets, Organization and Behavior

Research Profile

The group studies business behavior based on microeconomics and other social sciences. Emphasis is on (1) the business enterprise and its markets, i.e. its interactions with customers and competitors, and on (2) organizational and management aspects of the enterprise.

Research focus is on general theoretical considerations as well as on empirical research of specific markets, industries and enterprises. This implies a special regard to the specific characteristics of the analyzed industries, such as inter alia, energy markets, sports, media and other event markets, and tourism markets. The research theme is supported through a range of theoretical and empirical research methods. Theoretical research for example draws on microeconomic theory, theories of buyer behavior, institutional and behavioral theories, action-network theory, innovation theory. Empirical research for example draws on micro-econometric choice modeling, experimental studies, qualitative empirical research (case studies), action research, register research.

The research activities include the relevant subfields: 

  • Market, Competition & Industry Analysis
  • Sports & Event Economics
  • Marketing & Buyer Behavior
  • Organization, Innovation and Management.


Relling, Marleen, Oliver Schnittka, Henrik Sattler, and Marius Johnen (2016): Each Can Help or Hurt: Negative and Positive Word of Mouth in Social Network Brand Communities, in: International Journal of Research in Marketing, Volume 33, Issue 1, forthcoming [BFI: 2-point].

Erfgen, Carsten, Henrik Sattler, and Oliver Schnittka (2015): How Celebrity Endorsers Enhance Parent Brand Extendibility to Low Similarity Brand Extensions, in: Journal of Business Economics, Volume 85, Issue 5, p. 479-504 [BFI: 2-point].

Wellbrock, Christian and Oliver Schnittka (2015): Does it really hurt? Consumer reactions to content sponsorships in daily newspapers, in: Journal of Business Economics, Volume 85, Issue 2, p. 107-128 [BFI: 2-point].


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