A Debate on the Fate of Europe

How does the European crisis affect us, and can it be fixed?

The EU is in the middle of its greatest crisis, one that not only has a profound impact on the world economy, but also weakens public confidence in the EU. The crisis, which started as a debt crisis in Southern Europe, reaches far beyond Southern Europe and has become an issue of trust in general.

The University of Southern Denmark in Sønderborg therefore puts the fate of Europe up for debate at a conference that will take place on Wednesday 31 October. Researchers and practitioners will examine the European crisis from different angles to form an understanding of why the crisis arose and how it affects us all.

The conference will focus on Euroscepticism and uncertainties, and will also deal with how the crisis affects the Danish business community, young people’s views on the crisis and the relationship between the European system and EU citizens.

About the conference: Europe in crisis

The conference will be held in English and will take place on Wednesday 31 October from 9:00-18:00 in room U101 at the Alsion Centre in Sønderborg. All welcome.

The conference is organised by the University of Southern Denmark’s Department of Border Region Studies.

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The following presentations will be held:

Prof. Charlie Karlsson, Jönköping International Business School:"Entrepreneurial Human Capital, Entrepreneurial Opportunities and the Transformation of Regions"

Klaus Rasmussen, Senior Economist, Confederation of Danish Industry: “The Danish Business Sector in a European (Crisis) Perspective”

Dr. Wilhelm Knelangen, University of Kiel: “Crisis of Confidence? The Relationship between the European Union and its Citizens”

Prof. Dr. Hauke Brunkhorst, University of Flensburg: “The Crisis of Europe as Crisis of Technocratic Politics”

















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For more information, please contact:

Associate Professor Hans Martens,

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