Department of Border Region Studies

In connection with the implementation of the faculty's new strategy The Department of Border Region Studies in Sønderborg has been merged with other departments of the Faculty - formally with effect from 1 January 2016.

The research and teaching fields at the Department of Border Region Studies (IFG) range from business studies, European studies, regional economics and development, and to minorities, living conditions and history in border regions. The teachers and researchers of the department cover these subject areas and are active in research communication at all levels. IFG is publishing the popular science magazine PLUK, which presents research results from the Southern Jutland region.

IFG is rooted in the unique history of the Southern Danish border region. In addition, the research activities at IFG emphasise comparative studies of other border regions, primarily in Europe and the department has developed a broad international research network within Europe. At the same time, the department has a close relationship with the local business community and the cultural institutions of the region.

The department has a special obligation to carrying out research relating to the German minority in Southern Jutland. This is manifest in the constant preparedness to provide research based information on such matters.

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