Centre for Medieval Literature

Centre for Medieval Literature (CML) is a Centre of Excellence founded in 2012 and funded by the Danish National Research Foundation. The CML seeks to establish a cross-disciplinary theoretical framework for the study of medieval literature on a European scale.

The Centre is located at the University of Southern Denmark (Odense) and at the University of York and is run by prof. Lars Boje Mortensen (Centre leader, SDU), prof. Elizabeth Tyler (York), and professor MSO Christian Høgel (SDU). The CML furthermore consists of participants from York and Odense and of a wider group of European and North American scholars.

For an overview of what the CML does, see also this Prezi from February 2016.

News, May 2016

Congratulations to CML postdoc Réka Forrai...

...who has just been appointed to a permanent position at the University of Southern Denmark! Congratulations, Réka!

Opinion  piece by CML postdoc Alastair Matthews

"Denmark and Europe: The Importance of the Long View" appears in thelocal.dk.

Travelling Wisdom: Science in the Medieval Religious Orders

For more details on this conference next month, see here.

Migrating medievalists

This month the CML in Odense welcomes Martin Borysek, postdoc in York, while Shazia Jagot (postdoc in Odense) continues her stay in York! 

CML papers this month

Shazia Jagot, "Medieval Orientalism and the Modern Literary Imagination: The Case of the Two Rushdies." Global Literature and Culture Forum (York), May 19.

Steffen Hope, 1) "A Dynasty of Saints? The Minor Saints of Medieval Norway and their Association with Saint Olaf." Rulers and Saints, Concepts of "Dynasty" and "Sanctity" from Late Antiquity to the Late Middle Ages (Oxford). 2) "Helgenbilder i hagiografi og liturgi," Dies medievalis (Nyborg Slot), May 13.

Thomas Heebøll-Holm, "Danmark, dan(sk)erne og pirateri i middelalderen,"  Dies medievalis (Nyborg Slot), May 13.

Christian Etheridge, "Jón Halldórsson and the learned environment of Bergen," conference on  Bishop Jón Halldórsson of Skálholt (Skálholt, Iceland), May 13-14.

Next Interfaces deadline

Submissions for "Rediscovery and Canonization: The Roman Classics in the Middle Ages" are due August 15.

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