Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Upcoming events 2017

23 June 2017 - Master's defence - Pernille Lauridsen
Detection of RNA-methyltransferases across evolutionary-distinct domains 

23 June 2017 - Master's defence - Matias Adonis Jul Gram Ryding
Structural differentiation and functional capacity of dopaminergic neurons derived from two isogenic induced pluripotent stem cell lines, one with a mutation in PARK2 

26 June 2017 - PhD degree - Rasmus Linde Bang Elnegaard
The role of metals in protein chemistry   

26 June 2017 - Master's defence - Signe Krogh Ohlsen  
Exploring the Dynamics of Protein Phosphorylation During Mitosis

 26 June 2017 - Master's defence - Pernille Buch Larsson
Investigation of TcsA’s effect on growth and virulence in Listeria monocytogenes  

26 June 2017 - Master's defence - Jeanne Mari Vejen Bang
In vivo mapping of SRSF6 motifs using CLIP coupled with next generation sequencing 

26 June 2017 - Master's defence - Pernille Lauritzen
Examining phosphorylation-dependent internalization and trafficking of the insulin receptor 

28 June 2017 - Master's defence - Karen Birkkjær Bjerrum
Characterization of endogenous and microbial Collectin-LK ligands  

28 June 2017 - Master's defence - Karina Lindbøg Madsen
Potential role of RNA in media-transferred radiation-induced bystander effect in breast cancer cells 

29 June 2017 - Master's defence- Helle Frandsen
3D culture of C3A and HMEC1 cells to produce liver organoids 

30 June 2017 - Master's defence - Minna Christiansen Lund
The influence of TNF ablation in mesodermally derived cells on mice with spinal cord injury

25 July 2017 - Master's defence - Mohammad Adnan Hajjaj
Characterization of CD10+ endomysial cells. Is CD10 a marker for Mesenchymal stem cells in muscle?

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