Faculty of Business and Social Sciences

The Faculty is organised into six departments, which span a broad academic range within the discipline of business and social sciences. Our research and accompanying academic programmes are at the highest level and range from business school disciplines to political science, law, economics including health economics, journalism, and sociology. The six departments are situated on five of the six campuses occupied by the University of Southern Denmark.

The Faculty of Business and Social Sciences has more than 300 academic staff involved in research and/or teaching. In addition we employ a number of external lecturers working within the fields of practice studied by our graduates.

More than 12,500 students are currently studying to achieve a bachelor, master’s, higher diploma, executive master’s or PhD degree. We offer more than 20 bachelor degree programmes and more than 40 master’s programmes, the greater part being in the area of business and economics but with a high level of activity and a strong profile in political science, law, and journalism as well. The PhD-School at the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences covers all the major research areas.

The Faculty is very aware of the fact that national and global requirements demand that our graduates not only have solid academic knowledge but also possess substantial linguistic and intercultural competences that allow them to navigate in the global labour market. Our aim is to create an international environment for higher education that can influence both our students and our teachers in their everyday work.

Our international programme comprises bachelor and master’s programmes, mainly in business and management. In addition to full degree programmes, we have a large number of exchange students coming to us via agreements with universities worldwide.

Furthermore the Faculty offers several executive master’s programmes (only in Danish), including an MBA and an Executive MBA in change management.

The Faculty’s annual turnover is about €42 m (2011).

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