Study Try Out - Information day for International students

The special one-day program on 25 February was filled with interesting lectures and workshops. First hand information about our Bachelor and Master programmes at SDU - all Faculties were present. Last but not least, the attendees experienced the Student life in Sønderborg.

Remember to fill in the evaluation to let us know how we can improve the next event! (Evaluation link is closed now)

Program for 25 February 2017
Check out the detailed program with all lectures and workshops as well as information meetings for 2017.

 Presentations of 2017 (all will be made public on 7 March)
Studying in Denmark at SDU
How to apply to Bachelor programmes
How to apply to Master programmes

Information about the programmes:

BSc / MSc / BEng in Mechatronics
MSc in Engineering
- Chemistry
- Electronics
- Environmental Engineering
- Physics and Technology
- Robot Systems
- Software Engineering
BSc / MSC in Engineering
- Innovation and Business
- Operations Management
- Product Development and Innovation
BEng in Global Management and Manufacturing
Interdisciplinary Programmes

BSc in International Business Administration and Modern Languages
MSc in Business, Language and Culture - English or Danish
Master in Business, Language and Culture - Chinese
MSc in IT Product Design
European Master in Tourism Manegement
MA in International Tourism and Leisure
MA in International Business Communiaction and Communication Design
MSc IT in Web Communication Design
MA in English
MA in American Studies
Social Sciences
BSc in Economics and Business Administration - International Economics and Business Relationships
BSc in European Studies
BSc in Market and Management Anthropology
BSc in Economics and Business Administration - Business Management
MSc in International Security and Law
MSc in Cultural Sociology
MSc in Economics and Business Administration
- Marketing and Innovation
- Sports and Event Management
- Strategic Entrepreneurship
MSc in Environmental Ressource Management
MSc in Comparative Public Policy and Welfare Studies
MSc in Economics / Economics and Finance / Mathematics and Economics

Lectures and Workshops:

Innovation Management, Bachelor: Technology and Innovation - What is the big Deal?
Innovation Management, Master: Technology Entrepreneurship - Successfully  linking Innovation and Business
Product Development, Bachelor: Robotics and Mechatronics
Product Development, Master: Advanced Mechatronic Systems
Studying and Working within Science in Denmark
Interdisciplinary Study programmes
What Design materials can do - negotiating with hands rather than just talk.
How to develop a Global Marketing Strategy?
Kulturunterschiede erleben und beschreiben.
Schnupperstunde Dänisch
The Dynamics of Sustainable Tourism Development
China from the Perspective of Cultural Studies
Understanding Chinese Politics: Past, Present and Future
How new things get a name: Brand Naming.
Which project do we work with in MSc Web Communication Design?
English Studies: Literary Study Projects
American Studies: American Historical Project
Social Sciences
Borders-Regions-Europe: Why study European Studies in a Place like Sønderborg?
European Crisis and Border Regions?
Understanding the Eyes that see: What we actually do when we say we study Europe.
Project encompasing all Parts of the programme Market and Management Anthropology
Understanding War and International Politics
Equity and Equality in Health - Why care?
Introduction to Comparative Public Policy and Welfare Studies
Strategic Entrepreneurship
The bright and dark sides of Branding in Sports

The Study Try Out  with free transportation from both Hamburg and Kiel will be held again in February 2018. More information will be published around October.

For further information please contact
- Anja Maurer on


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