Study Try-Out opportunity for International students on 27 February 2016

The young students now get the chance to try out bachelor or master study programs at the University of Southern Denmark. Students from high school or university are invited to participate on a special one-day program on 27 February – free of charge.

The students will experience the programs and the international study environment up close at the university’s campus in Sønderborg near the German border.

Program for 2016


Choose between sciences

The students can choose to learn more about engineering, science, social sciences or language and culture. The program offers both introductory presentations on the study programs as well as workshops or lectures on specific topics closely related to the programs.

Check out student life in Sønderborg

The event will provide a special view of higher learning in Denmark - students work in smaller groups, theoretical knowledge is put into practice, and students have a high influence on the study activities.

Free transportation from Hamburg

The University of Southern Denmark offers free transportation from Hamburg and Kiel to Alsion in Sønderborg.

End the day in Sønderborg City

The day ends with a meal at Café Alsion and a trip to cozy downtown Sønderborg. Student representatives from the university will be guides for the students the entire day – starting on the bus.

Registration has to be made online. Note! There are limited seats for the Study Try-Out day. There is room for an equal number of participants on each area of studies.


                                                                              Registration - Closed!          


For further information please contact

- Anja Maurer on  


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