Living Expenses

The Danish currency is called kroner (DKK)

  • 1 krone is divided into 100 øre (cents)
  • 1 euro is approximately 7.5 kroner*

* The DKK is pegged to the EURO which keeps the exchange rate within the central rate of EUR 1 = DKK 7.3-7.6 (approximately)

The cost of living in Denmark will vary depending on your lifestyle and habits. Many services in Denmark such as medical treatment are paid for via taxes and the Danish welfare system

Living expenses on average per month




DKK 2,200 -3,000

 Food and other daily costs          

DKK 2,000 - 2,500 


DKK 300


DKK 300

 Media License

DKK 200


DKK 200


DKK 200

 Leisure Activities

DKK 0-1,000

* Please note that in some cases you pay for heating and electricity separately; ca. 400 DKK on a monthly basis. 

** May be included in rent

Total monthly indicative budget: DKK 4,400-7,000 / EURO 580-900

Sample prices in Denmark



 1 litre of milk

DKK 4-7

 1 kilo of pasta

DKK 5-10

 Beer at pub

DKK 30- 50

 Dining out

DKK 150-

 Cinema ticket

DKK 80-90


DKK 30

 Beer/Soft drink in supermarket    

DKK 5-10

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