Accommodation in Odense

Accommodation guarantee

Campus Odense generally guarantees accommodation to all international students*, moving to Denmark to study. If you already live in Denmark when you apply, you are last in line for accommodation.

The accommodation guarantee only applies to applicants who apply for accommodation and are applying to become a student with a complete application by our accommodation application deadline May 1st/November 1st.

*An international student is a Degree Student coming to Denmark to study a degree offered in English, or an exchange or guest student coming to Denmark to study. 

How to apply for accommodation:

Please apply for accommodation via our online application system to the rigth.

Accommodation Office

The campus in Odense has an accommodation office. All accommodation for international students at the campus in Odense is coordinated through the Accommodation Office.

Location details:

The Accommodation Office can be found in the new dormitory Campus House, Campusvej 1, 5230 Odense M.

Please click here to see where it is located on a map of the Campus.

Contact details:

If you have questions regarding your accommodation or when you need to give notice, go to the Accommodation Office or send them an email to The opening hours are Monday- Friday: 10:00-14:00.

Student halls

Danish students live in either private or rented flats, rented rooms, or in student halls (kollegium). International students get a room in student halls or in private rooms. Note that most student halls are off campus. The rooms vary in size and are typically between 10-16 m2. At the student halls, you pay according to the size of the room.

Accommodation requests

If you wish the University to find accommodation for you, you can note the specific requests you may have regarding which student hall you wish to be placed in. We try to meet the wishes of applicants, but we can unfortunately not guarantee that your wish will be fulfilled.

One student, one room

It is generally not possible for two students to share a room.

Please note that we only find accommodation for you once. If you decide to extend your stay, you will either have to keep your accommodation or give it up and find something new on your own.

If you leave Denmark for a period of time (eg. sabbatical leave, internship or exchange stay) we do not find new accommodation for you when you return to Denmark. You will then have to find accommodation on your own.

Details of the terms are stated in the relevant application form. Read the terms carefully before signing and sending the accommodation form.

Your room will be furnished with a bed, a desk, shelves, chair and a lamp. We recommend that you bring a sleeping bag for the first few nights if you are not bringing along duvet and pillow.

Internet access
All accommodation has Internet access – with very few exceptions.

Application deadlines
Autumn: May 1
Spring: November 1

When do you receive information on accommodation?

You receive an email with information on  your accommodation from the Accommodation Office in Odense in July for the autumn semester and in late December/early January for the spring semester. This is true if you applied for accommodation by the application deadline. 

When do you start paying for your accommodation?

You pay rent from the day your accommodation is available. It may be as early as August 1st/January1st but can also be as late as September 1st/February 1st. If your room is available from August 1st, you pay rent from August 1st even if you do not arrive until e.g. August 25th or some other day after August 1st. If your accommodation is not available until September 1st/February 1st, you will have the possibility of signing up for temporary accommodation. You receive information about this together with the information on your accommodation.  You do not have to pay the deposit or the first month’s rent until you have arrived in Odense. You are asked to pay:

  • By way of a payment slip (girokort) enclosed with your tenancy agreement. You can pay the payment slip at the post office or go to the bank to pay it.
  • By way of bank transfer. The information will be enclosed with your tenancy agreement.

If you would prefer to pay the deposit and the first month’s rent before you come to Denmark, you receive information on how to d this when you receive information on your accommodation in July/December-January.
If you plan to pay your rent with a credit card when you arrive, you should be aware that most credit cards have a max amount that you can withdraw per month and sometimes also per day.

Lease Contracts
You can see the types of lease contracts used for housing in Odense. When you receive the specific information on your accommodation in July/December-January, you also get information your particular lease contract.

Online Housing Application

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