Research dissemination

Engage in dialogue with the researchers

Today researchers are part of an active and equal dialogue with the surrounding society. At the University of Southern Denmark we endeavour to have the best conditions for a good dialogue between the researcher and the general public. Our researchers eagerly convey expert knowledge through different channels for a greater understanding of research at the university. We arrange different settings for research communication, and you have a chance to participate in events, hear stories, and go to exhibitions.

Do you understand research?

Research dissemination is the link between society on one hand and research and science on the other. The dissemination of our research at the University of Southern Denmark makes research accessible and understandable for as many as possible. You can perceive research dissemination as the pathway from specialized knowledge to specific results conveyed in a way which makes formulas, methods and processes comprehensible. The University of Southern Denmark is behind a number of initiatives with the purpose of giving higher priority to the dialogue with the researcher - also outside the walls of the university.
In the left side menu, you can find current activities within research dissemination and read about exciting research expeditions, adventures, and exhibitions.

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