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Meet software expert Mark Seeman

25 August 2016 you can meet software expert Mark Seeman at Hesehus, Englandsgade 24, 5000 Odense, at 17.30-20.30.

The introduction is about "Software Craftmanship", where you can learn how to think productively about software development, so that you can maintain a sustainable pace, even with a growing code base. This presentation contains two parts:

  • The first part is about humane code, and how programming is first and foremost an activity that ought to focus on communication. Aimed at both programmers and their managers, this part is light on code.
  • The second part focuses on the application of the principles described in the first part, and it is therefore heavy on code examples.

You can read more about Mark Seeman here.

Registration via Kasper Pedersen, CODE Odense: (please note name and company).

The event is sponsored by Technology Denmark, Hesehus and CODE Odense.


Student challenge: Join Airbus’ Fly Your Ideas competition

Airbus challenges you and your fellow students to innovate for the future of aviation! 1st prize is €30,000; runners up will receive €15,000 for their great ideas.
Airbus Fly Your Ideas is a unique global student competition, designed to establish a strong and lasting relationship between Airbus and the next generation of innovators working on the challenges facing the aviation industry.
The competition applies to students of engineering, IT, business, design, architecture, marketing, science or any other student who wants to take part in innovating the aviation industry.

Click here for further information

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