Institut for Biokemi og Molekylær Biologi

Kommende arrangementer 2017 

21. september 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Vesna Sarwari
The use of pig arteries for the study of endothelium-dependent relaxation as a model for resistance arteries from cardiovascular disease patients

27. september 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Gloria Cimaglia
Effect of Ruta Graveolens on proliferation, differentiation and survival of human neural stem cells  

28. september 2017 - Gæsteforelæsning - Pedro Herrera
Insulin-Producing Human Alpha-Cells

29. september 2017 - Gæsteforelæsning - Juan Antonio Vizcaino
Sitting on a “gold mine” of proteomics data: Now that the data is there for everyone, what can we do with it?

29. sepetmber 2017 - Ph.d.-forsvar - Morteza Chalabi Hajkarim
Computational and proteomics methods to examine protein-protein interactions and protein complexes

2. oktober 2017 - Ph.d.-forsvar - Anne Sofie Braun Olsen
Sphingolipid Metabolism and Neurological Diseases

6. oktober 2017 - Kandidateksamen - Lujitha Suntharalingam
The effect of TNF inhibition by XPro1595 or etanercept on vascular smooth muscle cells in mice

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