Employer Advisory Board for Market & Management Anthropology (MMA)

The BSS-SDU has established a number of employer advisory boards (EAB), which act as dialogue partners and provide market intelligence in terms of development and tayloring of the content of the study programs. This happens through annual or biannual meetings where EABs should reach the following general goals:

  • Ensure that our candidates represent the knowledge and competence profile requested by the labor market
  • Provide a forum for discussions of internal and external evaluations of the study program.
  • Provide an advisory forum where members can be consulted on the strategic development of the study program

For the MMA program the following additional goals have been specified

  • Provide a forum for discussion of public-private collaboration in terms of solving important global issues
  • Provide a forum for discussion of market developments beyond the usual focal areas of Danish business partnerships
  • Provide a forum for discussing contemporary formats of business operations that go beyond the usual silo organization (management, production, innovation, accounting, marketing,…)

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