Lars Stig Møller

Business Developer

Head of Technology Transfer and Research Support at University of Southern Denmark. 2009-13.
Investment Manager at InnovationMidtVest. 2004-2008.
CEO and vice director at Dæhnfeldt - Emergent Genetics. 2000-2003
Management positions at Danisco Foods. 1991-2000
Earlier I was educated as an auditor and worked for 12 years in PCA firms.

Primary experience and skills:
Technology transfer and cooperation between universities and industry
Management of projects: Mergers & Acquisitions, R&D and IT implementation
Development and management of science/technology based startup companies
Network with investors, entrepreneurs and public administration.
Management of International food and agricultural industries in Europe and Americas
Management of finance and IT departments
Danisco Business Academy, 93/94. Danisco Management Program, 96/97. (comparable with MBA)
Cand. Merc. Aud., tax and business law, 90/91 at CBS, Copenhagen
Reg. Auditor, graduate 86 at Køge Handelsskole.

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