Christina Udesen

PhD in Biomedicine
Christina was originally educated from SDU where she obtained her MSc in 2003, working with small regulatory RNAs in Bacteria. For 9 years Christina worked both in academic research in Odense and Copenhagen and later in private industry with RNAi related technologies for treatment of human diseases.  Her latest position in a private setting was Principal Scientist and Operating Officer in Mirrx Therapeutics. During her time at Mirrx, Christina was engaged in collaboration strategies  with academia, CRO and other  industry partners. In 2012  she returned to academia to work with modified aptamers in a PhD fellowship in Professor Jesper Wengels lab, from which Christina recently obtained her PhD degree. As an inventor herself at both Mirrx Therapeutics and SDU, Christina has  personal experience and insight in what it is like to invent and mature an invention for further use in a commercial setup. 

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