Ann Zahle

Ann Zahle Andersen, Business Scout at the Faculty of science

SDU Business responsibilities:
As Business Scout, my main focus is to initiate and maintain a scientific dialogue with researchers at the Faculty of Science at SDU. The aim of which is to identify possible potential for commercialization or collaboration with industry, within their fields of expertise. In addition to scouting inventions and facilitating industry collaborations, I function as business developer and scientific support in the communication between; inventors, my colleagues in SDU Business, patent attorneys and our collaborators in industry.

MSc. Molecular Biology and Applied Mathematics
PhD. Biochemistry
Postdoc within microbiology of food borne pathogens 

Previous Work Experience:
Postdoc in an academic/industry partnership centered around a newly developed method for food decontamination based on steam and ultrasound. Outreach and process coordinator at Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at SDU.

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