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Dansk Oftalmologisk Selskab

Eyeatlas - Online Atlas of Ophthalmology
The aim of this site is to furnish to all doctors and ophthalmologists some ophthalmological images useful to prepare congresses, lectures, books, etc. People can download and use all this images free of charge. Everyone is invited to send good quality images to The images published on this site have been sent by various ophthalmologists and have been downloaded by Internet.

GSF - medis M1
OPHTEL is a project under the Telematics Applications Programme of the European Commission aiming at the development and evaluation of telematic services in ophthalmology. The project provides following systems: teleconsultation/ telescreening systems /knowledge-based information system/ register system/ monitoring systems and image processing systems

Internet Ophthalmology
Internet Ophthalmology is meant to be a multi-user, interactive service on the internet. The hallmark format is the Case Presentation. Through these case presentations, the participants are exposed to patient management, clinical options and decision making. Different approaches to management are presented in follow-up posts on OPHTHAL, both as email and on the web. Contributions to OPHTHAL are made in a professional manner. They reflect the desire to foster an environment of learning, to expose the students and practitioners of ophthalmology to different viewpoints and to update all on the currently accepted standards of care. There are also summaries of current papers outlining important advances in the literature - The Ophthalmology Review Journal.

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