Dansk Gerontologisk Selskab

Dansk Selskab for Geriatri

The AAGP American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry is a national association representing and serving its members and the field of geriatric psychiatry

British Geriatrics Society Homepage
This is the official web site of the British Geriatrics Society. The purpose of the site is to make available information which would be of use to its members, or any persons or organisations who might have an interest in Geriatric Medicine/ Gerontology and the care of the older person. Hjemmesiden indeholder masser af informationer for professionelle, herunder selskabetes publikationer, kongresinformation, andre Internetressourcer m.v.

The web and gopher servers listed in the GeroWeb Virtual Library on Aging contain information which may be useful to those interested in gerontology, geriatrics, the process of aging, services for the elderly, or the concerns of senior citizens in general

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