Medicinsk endokrinologi

Dansk Endokrinologisk Selskab

Dansk Selskab for Adipositasforskning

Dansk Thyreoidea Selskab

American Diabetes Association
Website for American Diabetic Association med god oversigt over diabelotogien has been developed for you by John Wiley and Sons, publisher of Practical Diabetes International and Diabetes/Metabolism Research & Reviews, in partnership with an Editorial Advisory Board of distinguished diabetes health professionals and researchers. The section for professionals offers a wealth of valuable information including: Literature Digests, Conference Abstracts, Conference Highlights, and Product Directory.

International Diabetes Web Site
Fin hjemmeside fra International Diabetes Institute i Auststralien

National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases
Homepager for NIDDK der giver et flot overblik over diabetologi, nyre- og intestinalsygdomme

The Society for Endocrinology - Home Page
The Society for Endocrinology was set up in 1946 to promote the advance of endocrinology....These pages {also] provide access to other Web sites that may be of interest to endocrinologists. All the sites listed have been reviewed by the Society

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